A Bit About Me

I am a native of New Jersey but have lived in Indiana over 20 years. A teacher in high school once told me, “Laura – you should write for a living. You’re good at it!” I have been taking his advice for a while now, and I love what I do! I find people, and their stories, fascinating. I’ve done video projects for several employers and clients. I am a 7-time Emmy® award nominee, and 4-time Emmy® award winner for writing and production. Some writing I do for fun, some to solve a problem, some to educate. But all of it—whether I am producing a video or interviewing a person to tell their story—is work I could not love more!


Lives In Tune

Produced for Indianapolis Children’s Choir
My goal? Make your content creation an easier process. Writing is hard. The details matter. Making facts and quotes and stories come alive is what I can help you with.

What I Do:

Video Production

Series:  Be the ICC

This Emmy® award winning video series let parents know that their child was welcome too.

Series:  Why I Give

This video series featured donors from all walks of life. The importance of recurring, consistent, giving was the focus.

To Drive Business and Donors

Driving traffic with a video can inspire a customer to act. Clients wanted more runners, more gigs, more rentals. On all counts, mission accomplished! (Plus, an Emmy® award to boot!)

To Celebrate Accomplishments, People, or Products

Moving the hearts and minds to change perspectives is often the best call-to-action of all.

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